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The animation shorthand is useful for saving space. As an example, the rule we’ve been using through this article:

Could be replaced by

Note : You can find more details out at the reference page:

The CSS animation longhand values can accept multiple values, separated by commas — this feature can be used when you want to apply multiple animations in a single rule, and set separate durations, iteration counts, etc. for the different animations. Let’s look at some quick examples to explain the different permutations:

In this first example, we have three animation names set, but only one duration and iteration count. In this case all three animations are given the same duration and iteration count:

In this second example, we have three values set on all three properties. In this case each animation is run with the corresponding values in the same position on each property, so for example fadeInOut has a duration of 2.5s and an iteration count of 2, etc.

In this third case, there are three animations specified, but only two durations and interation counts. In such cases where there are not enough values to give a separate value to each animation, the values cycle from start to finish. So for example, fadeInOut gets a duration of 2.5s and moveLeft300px gets a duration of 5s. We’ve now got to the end of the available duration values, so we start from the beginning again — bounce therefore gets a duration of 2.5s. The iteration counts (and any other property values you specify) will be assigned in the same way.

You can get additional control over animations — as well as useful information about them — by making use of animation events. These events, represented by the AnimationEvent object, can be used to detect when animations start, finish, and begin a new iteration. Each event includes the time at which it occurred as well as the name of the animation that triggered the event.

We'll modify the sliding text example to output some information about each animation event when it occurs, so we can get a look at how they work.

We start with creating the CSS for the animation. This animation will last for 3 seconds, be called “slidein”, repeat 3 times, and alternate direction each time. In the @keyframes , the width and margin-left are manipulated to make the element slide across the screen.

We’ll use JavaScript code to listen for all three possible animation events. This code configures our event listeners; we call it when the document is first loaded in order to set things up.

This is pretty standard code; you can get details on how it works in the documentation for eventTarget.addEventListener() . The last thing this code does is set the class on the element we'll be animating to “slidein”; we do this to start the animation.

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Evaluates multiple formulas concurrently with one another.


The Concurrent function evaluates multiple formulas at the same time. Normally, multiple formulas are evaluated by chaining them together with the ; (or Medium Banner in Brogue Detail Leather White Burberry SIStw
) operator, which evaluates each sequentially in order. When the app performs operations concurrently, users wait less for the same result.


In the OnStart property of your app, use Concurrent to improve performance when the app loads data. When data calls don't start until the previous calls finish, the app must wait for the sum of all request times. If data calls start at the same time, the app only needs to wait for the longest request time. Web browsers often improve performance by performing data operations concurrently.


You can't predict the order in which formulas within the Concurrent function start and end evaluation. Formulas within the Concurrent function shouldn't contain dependencies on other formulas within the same Concurrent function, and PowerApps shows an error if you try. From within, you can safely take dependencies on formulas outside the Concurrent function because they will complete before the Concurrent function starts. Formulas after the Concurrent function can safely take dependencies on formulas within: they'll all complete before the Concurrent function finishes and moves on to the next formula in a chain (if you use the ; or ;; operator). Watch out for subtle order dependencies if you're calling functions or service methods that have side effects.

You can chain formulas together with the ; (or ;; ) operator within an argument to Concurrent . For example, Concurrent( Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ), Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 ) ) evaluates Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ) concurrently with Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 ) . In this case, the dependencies within the formulas are fine: a will be set before b , and x will be set before y .

Concurrent( Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ), Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 ) ) Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ) Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 )

Depending on the device or browser in which the app is running, only a handful of formulas might actually be evaluated concurrently. Concurrent uses the available capabilities and won't finish until all formulas have been evaluated.

Other outcome measures

Biomarkers of cartilage damage and inflammation circulating in the blood were examined in one high-quality study, 52 Womens Scuba Pencil Dress Dorothy Perkins sf7dc
. The biomarkers examined were cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) and C reactive protein (CRP). COMP is a connective tissue extracellular matrix protein that is a marker of cartilage turnover, and increased levels of COMP are associated with joint inflammation and OA. 52 CRP is another biological marker that is associated with inflammation. Athletes with symptomatic FAI had a 24% increase (p=0.04) in circulating levels of COMP and a 276% increase (p<0.001) in circulating levels of CRP. Therefore, there is limited evidence that the biomarkers for cartilage degradation and inflammation are elevated in athletic males with hip/groin pain compared to controls.

This review systematically identified factors for differentiating athletes with or without hip/groin pain. Of the 17 studies included for data synthesis, 10 were of high quality, 6 moderate and 1 low quality. A total of 62 variables were examined, with meta-analysis performed for 8 of these variables. There is strong evidence that the following variables differentiate athletes with hip/groin pain from those without: PROs, pain on adductor squeeze test, hip IR, bent knee fall out, adductor squeeze strength, and trunk muscle function. Hip IR range of motion measured in flexion differentiates painful athletes with a larger effect size than when hip IR is measured in neutral. There is moderate evidence that the presence of pubic symphysis bone oedema and the secondary cleft sign are more common in athletes with hip/groin pain. There is limited evidence that hip ER measured in flexion differentiates between athletes with and without hip/groin pain, and strong evidence that this movement did not differ when measured in neutral. The low number of studies comparing athletes with hip/groin pain to those without hip/groin pain, using the following outcome measures: pain provocation tests (apart from the squeeze test), X-ray abnormalities of the pubic symphysis, radiological features of FAI, and biomarkers of cartilage degradation, means that currently there is only limited evidence supporting the association of these outcome measures with the presence of hip/groin pain. The findings of this review do not, however, indicate how well each of the various clinical and radiological tests can determine the presence of individual diagnostic categories.

The PROs used in the included studies were inconsistent, precluding meta-analysis. Furthermore, in some case–control studies, PROs were used to exclude symptomatic athletes from control groups. 30 , Womens 047537 Trainers Burgundy Xti fjVe55
, 36 Impairments in PROs ranged from 0 to 55%, suggesting that further cross-sectional and cohort studies should use valid, reliable and consistent PROs to enable comparisons between studies.


Every story is built on unstated assumptions. Sometimes the best way to challenge a competing story is to expose and challenge its unstated assumptions see PRINCIPLE: Make the invisible visible .

These five elements of story can be used together to conduct a narrative power analysis on a dominant narrative or as scaffolding to construct a narrative of change s ee ankle tie stiletto sandals Metallic Iro Jf0Gy9
. Fleshing out these elements as we plan out our campaigns can also give us insights into strategic opportunities for action or intervention.

Doyle Canning was struck by a tear gas canister in the streets of Seattle in 1999, and has never been the same since. She is a creative strategist with a deep commitment to building broad-based movements for social justice and an ecological future. Doyle is a co-founder of the Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly known as smartMeme). She delivers training, coaching, facilitation and framing to high-impact networks who are taking on greedy corporations, corrupt politicians, racist laws and polluting policies. Doyle is co-author of Re:Imagining Change with Patrick Reinsborough. She lives with her husband in Boston, where she enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, and making music.

Patrick Reinsborough is a strategist, organizer and creative provocateur with over twenty years of experience campaigning for peace, justice, indigenous rights and ecological sanity. Patrick has helped organize countless creative interventions, including mass direct actions that shut down the Seattle WTO meeting in 1999 and protested the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. He is the author of numerous essays on social change theory and practice, including co-writing Re:Imagining Change (PM Press 2010). He is the co-founder of the Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly known as smartMeme), a movement support organization which harnesses the power of narrative for fundamental social change. He lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay area.

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